An easy-to-use platform for ordering
ALL available lab tests and more!

EvexiaLink  Features

Easy Ordering of Diagnostic Tests
& Nutraceuticals

EvexiaLink allows clinicians to order laboratory testing and Nutraceuticals for patients in any state (excluding NJ, NY & RI), throughout Canada and in Puerto Rico using our Evexia Internal Physician Network (EIPN).


Custom Panel

Evexia clients can create custom panels from a vast catalog of individual tests.

  • Custom name your panels
  • Store custom panels for quick and easy reordering in  the “My Favorites” section of lab ordering dashboard.

Patient Pay

Unlock the power of Patient Pay with Evexialink having your patients pay directly for individual tests, panels, Nutraceuticals, and speciality tests.

  • Easy One Click function makes it easy
  • Set your patient retail pricing and watch your profits grow

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EMR/EHR Support

Evexia Diagnostics has spent years developing our customized technical infrastructure. This infrastructure and our technical expertise enable us to support our clients by providing multiple EMR/EHR integrations

HL7 Data Integration

Evexia Diagnostics supports clients with HL7 data integration of lab results with their EMRs/EHRs. Our solutions offer secure, near real-time data flow and synchronization with 24/7 monitoring and support.

IMedLogics™ EHR

Coming Soon.

EvexiaLink: Overview

  • Create Custom Panels
  • Establish Retail Pricing (for Patient Pay)
  • Order Tests, Kits, Functional Health Reports & Nutraceuticals
  • Provides access to patients’ laboratory test results
  • Generates  Functional Health Reports with nutraceutical guidance
  • Integrates patient results with clinician’s EMR/EHR system
  • Pre-pay for Tests & Nutraceuticals
    via Patient Pay

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The EvexiaLink platform was designed to make the ordering of ALL available conventional and specialty lab tests quick and easy. EvexiaLink allows you to order not only testing, but Evexia Nutraceuticals as well for your patients.

  • Simple, intuitive way to create lab orders with your custom panels and individual tests
  • Easily track lab orders and results for your patients
  • Automated Functional Health Report generation with qualified panels
  • Simplify reconciliation with new billing search options
  • Book and Schedule consultations with our live “Ask the Doctor” service

Please contact our Client Services Team at 888-852-2723 with any questions or concerns you may have. You may also click on the “LAB ORDERS” tab for instructions on how to use EvexiaLink.

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