1.  Simple, non-invasive cheek swab collection

2.  Drop in the mail.

3.  Results in 2-3 weeks.

Our genes are set when you are born, there is no changing them.  However not all genes are active and this is explained by Gene Expression.  Changing environmental conditions or lifestyle choices can activate or deactivate genes. 

Diet: Eat Purposefully; learn what types of diet best fits your genes and helps promote better health.

Foods: Learn about which foods will promote better health and which to avoid according to your individual genes. 

Vitamins: Be attentive to potential Vitamin deficiencies and focus on what you need to take in as part of what you eat as well as the supplements you might take.

Exercise: Based on your genes, learn which exercises will help you with your power, endurance or both. 

Premium Health and Wellness and NutraFit Health

Comprehensive and unique wellness tests that guide you to overall health by helping you to; boost energy, enhance vitality, increase muscle and bone health, control weight, optimize exercise routines, improve mood and identify vitamin deficiencies.

Drug Sensitivity

Understanding how your genes affect your reaction to drugs. Make your medication treatment safer and more effective.

Skin Health

Your genetic test results will encourage a proactive approach to achieve and maintain healthier skin and a healthier you.

How To Order the AGS Tests

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