Are your patients suffering from any of these symptoms:


Bloating/Stomach Pain

Inability to lose weight




Joint Pain



Sugar cravings


If so our clinical studies have shown that the FIT test may be able to help your patients

Measures Sensitivity to
132 foods, colorings,
and additives

Dairy / Fish / Vegetables
Grains / Seeds / Speeds
Fruits / Beans / Microbial
Meats / Fowl / Additives
Nuts / Shellfish / Extracts

Easy to Interpret Report

The report depicts the results for 132 foods from common food groups displayed in an easy to read color coded graph that shows the foods which cause the hightest sensitivities. This easy to use, one page graph of clearly listed foods will assist the patient and provider with treatment options.

Provider and Patient Testimonials

“I believe this test should be part of all general health screens like a thyroid panel or cholesterol screening.”

“Anyone with chronic or unexplained symptoms or illness would benefit from this test.”

“I have suffered with IBS for years and after i eliminated the foods identified by the test the symptoms disappeared.”

Food Sensitivities and
related diseases affect
at least 100 million
people world wide.

This new technology measures IgG
and Immune Complexes, the most
common food-related 
to create the most sensitive
test on the market.

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How To Order the FIT Test

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