Order Tests, Panels, Speciality Test Kits* and Nutraceuticals
then have your Patient Pay directly with …


Assign laboratory testing and have your patients pay directly.

Patient Pay Option = Positive Cash Flow

Simple ONE CLICK function makes it easy to assign tests and panels

Set your patient RETAIL PRICING** and watch your PROFITS GROW

ELIMINATE the HEADACHE & HASSLE of billing so you can
SAVE MORE TIME to spend with patients

* Current release support 5 laboratory partners (DDI, DSL/GI-MAP, Labrix, KBMO/FIT, and Genova).
**EDI will pay Client an Administrative Service Fee (“ASF”) for administering the Patient Pay Program to Client’s Registered Patients. EDI will pay an ASF to Client for each Registered Patient laboratory testing requisition generated through EDI and completed by the corresponding testing laboratory. The exact amount of any ASF that Client will receive for any particular service will be available through Clinician’s portal; these amounts may vary over time to account for changes in costs and other factors. Generally, Client will be paid on a monthly basis by the 15th day of the month, following the close of the previous calendar month, and following EDI’s receipt of the applicable lab testing fees and confirmation of the completed test readings from the laboratory.
Within the limits described in this Agreement, Client may set a single, practice-wide, markup discount rate to yield a discounted lab test/panel price to be charged to Client’s Registered Patients (the “Patient Discounted Price”). The Patient Discounted Price must be between 10% to 300% above the listed professional price that EDI charges the Client directly (the “Client Professional Price”), as determined and established by EDI. The ASF for any lab test/panel is the difference between the Patient Discounted Price and the Client Professional Price.

Take advantage of this transformative practice management feature.

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Ordering Speciality Test Kits*
using Patient Pay is Easy!


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* Initial release offers 3 laboratory partners to choose from:
Diagnostic Solutions (GI-Map),  KBMO (FIT), and Labrix (Neurotransmitter).

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Clinician Patient Pay Agreement

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