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Client Success Team

Our live and knowledgable Client Success Team is available during extended business hours. We also offer FREE “Ask the Dr.” clinical consultations via email or you can request a phone consult for a minimal fee.

Broaden your clinic's diagnostic capability with over 200 kit-based specialty lab tests.

Salivary Hormone

The Comprehensive Hormone Panel is the starting point for initial assessment of hormonal status and endocrine function and includes estradiol (E2), progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and four cortisols. This panel is useful with male and female patients because it looks at the full diurnal cortisol pattern.

GI-Map (GI Microbial Assay Plus)
GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP™) is designed to assess a patient’s microbiome from a single stool sample, with particular attention to microbes that cause disease or that disrupt normal microbial balance and contribute to perturbations in the GI flora and contribute to illness. Available with Zonulin.
Organic Acids
The Organix® Comprehensive Profile is a nutritional test providing insights into organic acids and a view into the body's cellular metabolic processes. Additionally, children's reference ranges are designed to provide more accurate pediatric nutritional evaluations. Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximize patient responses and lead to improved patient outcomes.
NeuroSpan Assessment

The Neuro Span Assessment provides the results in the form of  an online 10 page, highly engaging, easily understood report that goes far beyond reporting numbers. The above illustrates the BrainSpan Index--a predictive view of your well-being based on several metrics such as your cognitive function and independent level of DHA, a fatty acid that supports neurogenesis throughout your life.

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Health and Wellness Genetic Testing
Our genes are set when you are born, there is no changing them. However not all genes are active and this is explained by Gene Expression. Changing environmental conditions or lifestyle choices can activate or deactivate genes. Choose from these panels: Premium Health and Wellness and NutraFit Health, Drug Sensitivity, and Skin Health.

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